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Apple iPad Air, Apple A7, iOS 7, 9.7”, Wi-Fi & Cellular, 32GB, Space Gray + Targus Versavu Rotating Case with Autowake Function for iPad Air

Targus Versavu Rotating Case with Autowake Function for iPad Air, Black

2 year guarantee included

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Rated an average of 3.1818/5 11 Reviews

Product information

The Targus Versavu case is the ultimate stand-free case for iPad, thanks to its rotating stand which will allow you to prop your iPad up in landscape or portrait positions and at a variety of angles for typing, gaming or viewing.

This case features an 'Autowake' function, that will put your iPad to sleep when you close the case and wake it back up it when reopened. The hard back shell clicks onto your iPad to protect the back and sides, whilst the durable front cover features a soft inner lining to protect the screen. All ports, buttons and cameras are fully accessible while the case is in it's cover.

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Targus Versavu Rotating Case with Autowake Function for iPad Air 3.2 5 11 11
Poor Value for Money This product was offered at a discount as part of a package, so I cannot complain about the price but at its full price it offers poor value for money. It is unweildy and not as comforatble to use as I had expected. 22 July 2014
IPad case Purchased this with an IPad and the case was half price. The part that the IPad goes into is a strong plastic casing and does add extra protection to the IPad although it does make it heavier. The IPad can be rotated, but needs to be put back around the right way as the catch for the locking cord to loop over is only on one side of the casing. Similarly when wishing to stand the IPad the feet for this are only on two sides (one long side and one short side). It does turn the IPad off when closed and on again when opened. If it had been full price I would have probably gone for a better looking leather case but for the money good value and probably offers more protection then most covers. 10 July 2014
Robust and user friendly This case is sturdy and I feel that my iPad is protected for many bumps or knocks ( not drops!). The rotating feature is smooth and ideal when I want to change from portrait to landscape and is easy to use. The autowake function is perfect for someone (like me) who always forgets to switch my iPad to sleep mode. The case does not add too much weight to my device so it is still easy to carry around in my handbag. 10 June 2014
I wouldn't buy it The quality is fine but this case is not as practical as it seems, especially in landscape mode. The angle at which the screen is held is next to useless. It is so steep in all positions that viewing requires the screen to be a long way from you or at eye level and typing on screen is nigh on impossible. To use on lap or desk top I have to resort to laying the ipad flat. It's not hard but it does negate the benefits promoted on the packaging. It's almost like nobody at Targus has tested the case with an ipad in it! 08 June 2014
Very Poor Product The 'discrete cord closure' on this product doesn't reach anything that enables it to close! On other Targus cases there is a plastic lip to hold the cord. Not on this one! The result is that the case flaps open, actually making damage to the screen more likely. This product is on it's way back to the store for a refund. 30 May 2014
New World Contained The case is made from quality materials and fits Ipad very well. The retaining strap does the job and when closed turns off ipad. Veiwing angles are adjustable and I have had no issues, when closed it looks like it offers plenty of protection even on trip to Croatia. 28 May 2014
Great case Perfect case for the IPAD Air. Protects and keeps it's safe. Quality product. 24 May 2014
Really nice & useful product I bought this product to go with the new iPad Air. The 360 degrees rotation was innovative and the case itself was well made and presentable. 30 April 2014
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Apple iPad Air, Apple A7, iOS 7, 9.7", Wi-Fi & Cellular, 32GB, Space Grey

  • 2 year guarantee included

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Targus Versavu Rotating Case with Autowake Function for iPad Air, Black

  • 1 year guarantee included
  • 2 year guarantee included

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