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Arthur Price Baguette Cutlery

£15.00 - £125.00


The premium Baguette collection by Arthur Price of England, is one of his finest cutlery ranges. Harmonious, fluid lines and an understated pattern complement both traditional and modern settings, whether for daily dining or elegant dinner parties. Designed with perfect poise, balance and weight for comfort in the hand, all pieces are handplated with the highest quality pure silver, with knives featuring hollow handles, and carbon steel blades for a longer lasting cutting edge. The Baguette collection is a truly setting to be cherished for a lifetime.

Bringing you the art of cutlery and silverware since 1902, Arthur Price of England has over 100 years of expertise in designing luxury cutlery to grace your table. From sophisticated silverware to stainless steel of the highest quality, each piece represents the ultimate in stylish living. Perfected over four generations, Arthur Price of England’s craftsmanship is second to none.

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Arthur Price
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