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Bosch Styline Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster, Black

Bosch Styline TWK8633GB Kettle, Black

2 year guarantee included

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Rated an average of 4.3465/5 101 Reviews

Product information

With its precise four temperature LED control for various drinks plus a glossy and stainless steel finish, the Bosch Styline kettle boasts both brains and beauty.

Different hot drinks, such as green tea and coffee, require different water temperatures for the best taste results. Fortunately, the Styline kettle enables you to heat the water to the specific temperature and will even maintain the setting if required.

The eco design saves up to 66% energy over a conventional kettle and there’s even an acoustic signal to let you know when your water is heated. Pouring is easy too, thanks to the ant-slip soft touch handle.

Boil dry and overheat protection, as well as the double wall cool-touch housing also provide extra peace of mind.

H26.3 x W23.5 x D17cm
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Bosch Styline Kettle 4.3 5 101 101
Excellent Kettle 3 years on We got this kettle just under 3 years ago and it has never put a foot wrong. It is very fast (quicker than any kettle we've had in the past 30 years), easy to use and quiet (apart from the beep). We don't find the beep that annoying and actually because it is so quiet you can need reminding that it has finished. It is well built, easy to fill, looks good (even with daily use 3 years on) and good value. Will replace it with the same if and when it eventually breaks down. 24 November 2014
Brilliant Kettle This is a great product with different heat settings ideal for coffees even has an alarm to let you know once it reaches the correct temperature. Highly recommended 18 November 2014
solid, smart kettle I bought this because my mum has it. I like how it is quite solid and I like the buttons on the base. However, the 'keep warm' setting has never worked (haven't yet had a moment to return it). Plus, my husband always complains that the lid is faulty - doesn't pop up sometimes or click back down. Hoping this is just a dud as I really like the kettle generally. 11 November 2014
Looks great - I find the bleep LOUD Beautiful bit of product design. Great price! The bleep is quite loud and I think unnecessary 04 November 2014
Good product but annoying beep! Bought this because I thought the keep warm function would be useful. This kettle has large base so it takes up a lot of room on your worktop also the kettle jug itself is very big. You can fill the kettle through the spout or lid, however the the measuring window is next to useless if you only want to fill it with a single cup or so. It boils fast and fairly quietly, but it has the most annoying loud beep every time its switched on or off. The memory function is lost when you lift the kettle from the base so you still have to switch it back on to reboil, because of that I think the keep warm function is a waste of time. A well made quick boil kettle but too big and very irritating with its beep! (which you cannot turn off) I have returned it to mainly because that BEEP! 27 October 2014
Great Product with Limitations We decided to buy the kettle and toaster from John Lewis because of previous experience of good service. Ordered online and delivered to store the following day. The item was securely packaged and easy enough for a one person to carry. The toaster and kettle are a modern design and suits the surroundings of our kitchen. We are a two person family. Some have commented on how noisy the kettle is - but we found this is no big deal. The same opinion applies to the beep sound when the kettle has boiled. The temperature settings for tea and coffee are really useful. The capacity of the kettle is a little too large for us (6 cups) and sometimes the water level is a little difficult to see, however it’s not the end of the world and only a small point when considered against the style (superb!) and colour. It is easy to handle and fill with water. Regarding the toaster. Again, we are delighted with the design and colour. The temperature settings are sensitive and accurate. However we respectively disagree with the view that bread is toasted evenly. Ours has a distinct difference with evenness when placing one slice in the toaster and even more so when two slices are toasted. Based on this, we are not sure that the toaster deserves a recommendation. However we happily recommend the kettle. 21 September 2014
An excellent product Well, it's not cheap. But you get what you pay for. This is solidly built, nice to use, and it's pretty fast. It has a scale which you can use (after a bit of experimenting) to ensure that you only boil what you need (a minus point is that it's under the handle and not the most visible thing in the world). I haven't used the 70/80/90 temperature selections as I like everything really hot. I do use the 'keep warm' feature; I can be lazy, put the kettle on and come back to boiling water 5 minutes later after preparing a snack, for example. The only small gripe is the 'beep' alarm. No obvious way to turn it off. It beeps when you turn it on, and again when it boils (but not if you've pressed 'keep warm'). And it has the same beep as the Bosch freezer, washing machine and dryer - confusing at times! Overall, though, I love it. 16 September 2014
Good value well made product I am very happy with my purchase. I chose the white version as it is less dominating in my kitchen. First impressions are of a good buy. My only criticism is the noisy, and seemingly unnecessary alarm signal at the commencement and finish of boiling. 09 September 2014
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Bosch Styline TWK8633GB Kettle, Black

  • 2 year guarantee included

Bosch Styline TAT8613GB Toaster, 2-Slice, Black

  • 2 year guarantee included

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