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Welcome to the world of innovation.
Welcome to Siemens

Our domestic appliances are designed with minimum impact to the environment in mind. Our dishwashers are so efficient that you can save up to 39 litres of water, per load when compared to washing by hand. The world’s most energy efficient tumble dryer is a Siemens and approximately 98% of all the components in Siemens appliances are recyclable.

In buying a Siemens product, you can expect outstanding, world-class performance as well as a clear conscience.


* The world's most energy efficient dishwasher - The Siemens iQ700 Zeolith® dishwasher uses a naturally occurring mineral to absorb humidity then release hot air to dry your dishes. And because the energy is generated within the appliance, the iQ700 dishwasher is 20% more economical than required for a European class A energy rating - for its entire lifetime. The iQ700 saves in other ways too by only using 10 litres of water - making it one of the worlds most water efficient.

** The world's most energy efficient condenser dryer - Using 50% less energy than a standard A rated dyer, it is the only machine in the world to maintain that efficiency and save you money for it's entire working lifetime.