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Playstation (26)

Sony's highly successful PlayStation gaming console series is joined by the dynamic PS4. From the original PS4 model, available in black or white, to the advanced PS4 Pro, all consoles feature a powerful custom chip and state of the art processor to give ultra-fast gaming with rich content and HD graphics for a deeply immersive experience. The PS4 console series includes the new and sleek PS4 Slim, weighing in at under 3kg yet still packing a punch.

The PS4 Pro, compatible with any PS4 game, enables highly detailed 4K/HDR advanced gameplay and Ultra-HD media streaming. With 1TB of storage, the Ultimate Player Edition of PlayStation 4 will let you download and save twice as many games and additional content as the original version. If you're buying PlayStation 4, look out too for PS4 bundles which combine games or accessories with a console in one convenient package – you can even share your PlayStation 4 disc-based games with a friend so they can give them a try.