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Pillows (7)


At John Lewis, we offer the 3 different TEMPUR feels delivering a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support whilst you discover the solution which is right for you:

Ergonomic Support Pillows

TEMPUR's Ergonomic Support Pillows are ideal if you need a therapeutic sleeping posture, with contours that have been specifically designed to support the body's natural curve, supporting the head, neck and shoulders whilst assisting with correct posture

Comfort Pillows

Versatile whilst still offering the comfort TEMPUR is renowned for, pillows from the Comfort range are crafted in a classic rectangular shape from visco-elastic memory material that responds to body temperature and effectively reduces pressure on the head and neck

Traditional Pillows

The latest range of TEMPUR pillows at John Lewis, the Traditional collection are made in a classic shape with a huggable feel from their famous memory foam material that is easy to plump, luxuriously comfortable to lay on and suits most sleeping positions