Bed Linen buying guide


What could be more inviting than a beautifully dressed bed at the end of a long day? We have a huge choice of duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases for every look and budget.


Our sheets, duvet covers, valances and pillowcases come in a range of different fabrics and thread counts. The term ‘thread count’ refers to the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the finer and better quality the fabric.

Polycotton bed linen comes in a bright choice of fabulous shades 
and is easy care, requiring little or no ironing. It also dries more quickly than cotton.

Easycare Egyptian cotton is celebrated for its superior strength, durability and comfort. We’ve worked hard to source the very best blend, to ensure it is silky, strong and vibrant in colour. While lesser bed linen may fade over time, this range retains its finish wash after wash and requires minimal ironing.

Pima cotton is made from highly prized fibres that allow for a higher thread count. This ensures a luxuriously soft feel, incredible comfort and reassuring durability.

Genuisa is our finest range and uses only the best cotton, including Suvine. The latter’s longer fibres make an extra fine, lustrous yarn that drapes beautifully around the body. The 1000 thread count creates an exceptionally smooth and opulent feel that’s similar to silk and grows softer with each wash.

Silk offers the ultimate indulgence. Not only does it feel exquisite, it regulates your body temperature to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Revered for its fabulous health and beauty benefits, it proactively helps to retain moisture in your skin and hair which can minimise wrinkles and prevent ‘bed head’ frizz and static.

Sizes for sheets and duvet covers


  • Single to fit bed 90 x 190cm
  • Double to fit bed 135 x 190cm
  • Kingsize to fit bed 150 x 200cm
  • Super kingsize to fit bed 180 x 200cm
  • Standard fitted sheets are for mattresses up to a depth of 26cm.
  • Deep fitted sheets are for mattresses up to a depth of 32cm.

Duvet covers

  • Single duvet cover to fit 135cm x 200cm
  • Double duvet cover to fit 200cm x 200cm
  • Kingsize duvet cover to fit 225cm x 220cm
  • Super kingsize duvet cover to fit 260cm x 220cm

Pillowcase sizes

We have a range of pillowcases to fit the differently sized and shaped pillows which we sell. As well as standard pillowcases we also have Oxford pillowcases which have a flap or frill around the edge and fits a standard pillow. We also sell plainsquare pillowcases and square Oxford pillowcases. A boudoir pillowcase fits a small, rectangular boudoir pillow and is used for decoration. A cuffed pillowcase is just a standard pillowcase with a wide cuff, sometimes decorative, along one edge.

We also have a pillowcase to fit the neck support pillow.

View our pillowcases

  • Standard pillowcase to fit 50cm x 75cm
  • Square pillowcase to fit 65cm x 65cm
  • Oxford pillowcase to fit 50cm x 75cm plus frill
  • Square Oxford pillowcase to fit 65cm x 65cm plus frill
  • Boudoir pillowcase to fit 30cm x 40cm
  • Cuffed pillowcase to fit 50cm x 75cm
  • Kingsize pillowcase to fit 50 x 90cm