Hobs buying guide


Most of us will use the hob more frequently than the oven, so it's an important piece of equipment. In a modern kitchen, the hob doesn't have to be situated above the oven, and we can even install it for you. The options presented in this mini-guide will help you choose the right hob. View our range of hobs.

Size and space

Hobs are usually 60cm wide and traditionally they have 4 burners. Additionally, there are 5-burner 70cm models which can still fit into a 60cm gap, by overlapping the work surface. If space and culinary inclination permits, we also sell a range of 80cm and 90cm hobs too.

The most popular configuration of burners (or zones on a ceramic hob), whether on a gas or electric hob, is one large, two medium and a simmer. Some hobs now have specialist burners for fish kettles or for woks.

The dimensions given for the aperture into which a hob fits will be smaller than the hob itself because of the way the hob overlaps and stands proud of the work surface.

Domino hobs get their name from their distinctive oblong shape. By installing several different types of unit adjacent to each other, you can create a flexible and versatile cooking hub. And remember, you can always add a single domino next to your standard hob, for instance, fitting a wok burner domino next to your regular-sized electric induction hob.

A boiling ring is great for locations where you might not want to install a full-size cooker, such as a bed-sit or studio flat. It might also come in handy if you do a lot of entertaining, and need extra hob capacity that your standard cooker isn’t able to provide.