Measuring up for furniture guide

If you’re buying new furniture, it’s important to get your room measurements ready before you order.
We show you how to work with the space you have – no matter how large or small it is.

How to select your new furniture

We give full measurements (in HxWxDcm or LxWxHcm)  for every piece of  furniture we sell,  making it easy for  you to work out exactly what will fit your space. We also state whether full or partial assembly is required for that piece. If the furniture is delivered fully assembled, measuring up for access first is essential.

Sofa width must be less than entryway dimensions B or C

Diagonal depth must be less than entryway dimension A

Diagonal height must be less than entryway dimensions B or C

Depth must be less than entryway dimension A

Four things to remember when measuring up

  1.  You'll want your new piece of furniture to be in proportion to the rest of the room. A great way to check is to map out the space using newspaper, or mark out your floor with masking tape.
  2.  Make sure you have enough space to walk around your furniture, open doors, drawers etc. With  dining tables, you need to make sure you have at least 60cm clearance for the chair when it's out from the table, in order to sit comfortably. Don't forget to allow for the drawers on a drawer divan or storage bed.
  3. Take extra care to measure up if you're ordering one of our larger dining tables that comes fully assembled, especially if it has a cross piece. Allow for anything immovable that's going to get in the way of your furniture's passage to its destination , such as bannisters and radiators.
  1. Make sure the furniture will fit through the door when we 
    deliver it.

    If you think it's going to be tricky, then take a look at furniture that's partial or full assembly. Some of our most popular sofa beds come without arms,  so they’re perfect for smaller spaces or challenging access.  Some of our sofas can be delivered with bolt-on arms (often the source of the problem) or in two pieces - these can be specially ordered in our shops.


Our sizes and measurements

Our sofa sizes (typical width)

Please note: This is only a guide and doesn't guarantee your furniture purchase will fit. Please think about the size constraints of the entire path from our delivery vehicle to your furniture's intended place in your home.

Some quick, approximate imperial/metric conversions:

  • 1" = 2.5cm+
  • 12" = 30.5cm
  • 3 feet = 91.4cm