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Denby Imperial Blue Tableware

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£1.92 - £87.20


A versatile range of tableware made in Derbyshire, England, Denby Imperial Blue china boasts a combination of rich royal blue and pure white. Probably one of Denby’s best known collections, the refined shapes and classic style of this stoneware range makes them almost regal, and ideal for entertaining.

Made in England using locally sourced clay, each piece of Denby stoneware is handcrafted using pottery skills passed down through generations and can pass through as many as 20 pairs of hands. Every item of pottery is still expertly glazed by craftsman and the distinctive glazes are renowned for their practicality, durability and chip resistance.

Please note: The image you see here shows the key pieces of this collection, but doesn't always include the whole range. The product list beneath the image shows you all the items available in the range.


Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe
Freezer Safe
Denby Imperial Blue Plate

Denby Imperial Blue Plate

Price match-Save 20%

£9.40 - £12.80

Product code : 68220405

Rated an average of 4.8333/5 24 Reviews

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Denby Imperial Cup & Saucer

Denby Imperial Cup & Saucer

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£1.92 - £2.28

Product code : 68220401

Rated an average of 5.0/5 1 Review

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Denby Imperial Blue Cast Iron Round Casserole, Dia.22cm

Denby Imperial Blue Cast Iron Round Casserole Dishes

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£67.20 - £74.40

Product code : 68220447

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