Classic toaster

Dualit%27s classic toasters are a design icon. Engineered to produce the best toast in the world, Dualit toasters are still made by hand in England, with the assembler%27s stamp on every base plate.

It could be said that the name Dualit is synonymous with the word toaster. However, there's more to our classic toasters than just not burning the bread. In 1945, when Dualit was born, the UK was basking in a post-war creative boom. Into this productive milieu came Dualit. Whilst it might seem crazy that something made for such a simple job could have reached cult design status, it's important to remember from whence it came. And it's for partly this reason that, when buying a Dualit toaster, we believe you're buying more than just a product. Yes, it works well – but our toasters stand for more than this. They're like a snapshot in the history of British design and manufacturing. In shape and methodology they've developed organically over the years, yet they're still recognisable from those first pioneering models.

Dualit toaster
Dualit toaster

Excellent functionality has always been Dualit's priority. We were the first to include an integral timer way back in 1950, and haven't stopped innovating since. In 2008, when our Classic Vario toaster won the Good Housekeeping Design Superstar award, judge Helen Peavitt summed it up thus:

'From the simple metal body to the clockwork timer, every part of this toaster is well thought through. A perfect union of form and function means it's stylish, tactile and easy to use. In our throwaway culture, it's great to be able to nominate an appliance that's designed to last.'


In true Dualit style, we've now come up with a new superstar- the 'NewGen'. Based on the same commercial design and with the same high quality engineering and robust construction, the NewGen has the ability to use each slot independently or as a personalised combination. No other toaster on the market offers this choice; by selecting one slot instead of all 4, power consumption is reduced by 60%. As well as saving energy, our toasters are built to last - the environmental impact of this is obvious. 

Our patented ProHeat elements are virtually unbreakable and have a dramatically longer life than any other toaster element available. If needs be, they and all other parts, are replaceable and recyclable. Each toaster is individually hand-assembled in our factory in England. If your toaster needs repairing, it can be returned to us and where possible the original assembler will look at it. It's rare that Dualits go wrong, but if it happens our team take pride in fixing them. Many of our staff have been working at the firm for many, many years and know their toasters quite literally inside out.

Dualit toaster
Dualit toaster

It's not just us at Dualit that have family connections to the classic toaster, but our customers too. Because they're long lasting, we frequently hear of toasters being passed down through the generations, still giving good service decades later. For many they hold childhood memories; symbols perhaps of solidity and safety against the unceasing trials of modern life. 

Nowadays the Dualit classic toaster is to be found in every country in the world, and in virtually every colour under the sun. It sits easily amid any aesthetic; equally at home in the traditional or the contemporary. We believe it adds a little bit of character to wherever it's found - dependable and diligent, it's firmly rooted in the past yet ready to take on the future.