Smart Home

Smart Homes

App controlled devices for a simpler life

As technology advances more devices are becoming wireless, bringing the dream of a fully automated home closer to reality. By connecting devices to your home Wi-Fi, you can let your appliances do the hard work for you, delivering control to your tablet or smartphone screen. A Smart Home will save you time and energy so you can focus on enjoying the things that are important to you.

Home Living

From streaming audio to multiple speakers to automated power and heating control these gadgets make light work of creating the ideal environment for you to enjoy your free time. Bright ideas like Connected Lighting will let you set the mood, while Smart TVs and Media Streaming devices provide the entertainment so you can simply sit back and relax.


If mowing the lawn is a chore you abhor, then a robotic lawnmower can do the hard work for you, while a wireless plant sensor will give you the best information to help you take care of your plantlife. If security is a worry, then our home monitoring systems bring advanced safeguards to your tablet.

The Essentials

Here, you'll find the technology you need to really take control of your home. The first thing you'll need is a wireless router to co-ordinate the connections between your gadgets. Next, a tablet will let you take control of your connected devices from your sofa, bed or kitchen table, while a wireless hard drive makes accessing your computer files from all over the house easy.


Bring your tablet to bed with you and keep everything running smoothly throughout the night. With wireless baby monitors, you can keep an eye on your young ones as they sleep and even recieve alerts of any changes in their comfort on your tablet or phone. With Connected Lighting, your lights can gently wake you up in the morning or simulate a setting sun at night, while no modern bedroom is complete without a wireless speaker and Smart TV.


Let your home give you a real welcome, with connected lighting switching on as
you arrive and automated power control bringing your appliances back to life. You can also keep an eye on who's coming
and going with a home monitoring
camera or sensor

Kitchen, Dining and Utility

Smart controls can help make your housework easier too. Take control of your washing from anywhere with a smart washing machine or take the weight off your feet and let your robotic vacuum cleaner do the hard work. You can track more than just your weight with smart scales, while Connected Lighting makes it easy to set the mood for anything from a romantic dinner to lunch with friends.