Your good night's sleep starts with the right foundations

Find all you need to create a bedroom
haven in which to relax and revive

Define your bedroom aesthetic with a bedstead featuring a striking headboard,
or opt for a hydraulic storage bed for plenty of extra room


Rich wooden tones, ultra-high headboards, upholstered finishes: we’ve got a bedstead for every style of bedroom. Static slats offer firm support, while beds with sprung slats are more responsive

Divan bases

Pair your divan base with the right mattress: a solid top base mutes the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress, a sprung edge base offers a softer feel, and a true edge base lets the mattress mould to the body

Beds buying guide

Higher tog ratings are warmer, and a higher fill power rating means a larger
volume of filling, for warmth and a long-lasting bounce

Love the feeling of natural bedding?

Feathers are soft, comfortable and breathable, while down offers warmth with less weight. Warm and luxurious wool and silk are natural alternatives for those with allergies. Many of our naturally-filled duvets have Nomite covers, to prevent dust mites

Looking for sleep with added peace of mind?

Synthetic duvets, pillows and bed linen are easy care, good value and made with allergies in mind. Our anti-allergy ranges are endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation

Duvets & Pillows buying guide

Thread count, material and weave change the look and feel of bed linen.
You may prefer something soft, matte, silky or crisp: we have bed linen to suit you

Choosing bed linen


Good value polycotton dries quickly and needs minimal ironing.

Egyptian cotton

High quality Egyptian cotton is soft and strong, with a long-lasting easy-care finish.

Pima cotton

Made from highly prized fibres, Pima is extremely lustrous and long-lasting.

Genuisa cotton

Made from a blend of premium 1000 thread count cottons, for a luxuriously cool and silky feel.

Bed Linen buying guide

Comfort is key: for good support, a hard mattress isn’t always the best choice.
Try a softer option to relieve pressure from your knees, hips and shoulders

Pocket spring mattresses cradle your body and offer good support. They can range from soft to firm, depending on your needs, and can be filled with natural fibres and wool for added luxury

Open spring mattresses are ideal for guest rooms and children’s rooms, offering great value paired with good quality

Memory foam, geltex and latex are ideal for allergy sufferers, and mould to your body's contours for complete support

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How you sleep affects which pillow is right for you, but your comfort
is the most important consideration

How do you sleep?

Back sleepers should go for a medium-firm pillow: it provides neck support without affecting spine alignment. Side sleepers need a firm pillow to keep the spine aligned, and front sleepers will find a soft pillow provides the right amount of cushioning

Do you have allergies?

Synthetic pillows are good for allergies and can be washed and dried easily. Latex and memory foam offer additional head and neck support, while natural pillows mould snugly around the head and shoulders

Duvets & Pillows buying guide
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Use sumptuous bedding, practical sofa beds and homely cushions to ensure guests get a comfortable night's sleep

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