Entertaining & Cooking Ideas

Entertaining & Cooking Ideas



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After the indulgences of the festive season, give yourself a treat that is both healthy and tasty

1 Free salad from the summer months by using produce that come into their own in winter. Kale and chicory are in season between January and March, and offer stronger flavours and textures
2 If you feel like you need some substance to your meals but want to stay healthy, try adding quinoa, barley and lentils for a lovely mix of different flavours that work well in hot or cold dishes
3 Winter is the perfect time to experiment with different flavours when it comes to dressings for salads and dishes. Try cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger as well as cardamom and fennel for a warming alternative

4 Use root vegetables and a variety of herbs and spices for a warming lunch that you can enjoy on the go. Start with Meyer's carrot and coriander soup or use up left over vegetables combined with pulses for a hearty meal
5 For food storage designed to suit you and your lunchtime, Sistema has a variety of food containers for soup, salads and noodles to name a few

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