BBQs & Outdoor Cooking

License to grill
License to grill

Grill your way through the summer months, with the classic smoky taste of charcoal-barbecued food and all the bells and whistles our gas barbecues have to offer

Smoked and grilled

Smoked and grilled

Whether you prefer the classic smoked taste of meat cooked over charcoals, or prefer the idea of a gas barbecue with plenty of space and the latest features, we’ve your perfect outdoor cooking piece here

Gourmet garden food

Cordon bleu barbecuing

Turn barbecuing into culinary art with an array of utensils – from spatulas, skewers and thermometers to burger racks and fish baskets

Charcoal and chips

The little things

From wood chips to cleaning brushes, these small but important products contribute to your barbecuing success, and help with important aftercare

BBQ advice

Barbecuing with Grillsteam

Barbecuing with Grillstream

Grillstream uses a unique technique to channel away oils and fats to give you a tastier, healthier and cleaner flavour. It's included on John Lewis gas barbecues with 4 burners or more

Barbecuing with Grillstream

hot tips for bbq food

Hot tips for barbecue food

Follow our ten simple steps to achieve great results with little preparation. There's advice on meat, fish and vegetables to keep cooking time to a minimum

Read the hot tips for barbecue food

Cooking with gas barbecues

Watch our great cooking tips for gas BBQs. Get stunning pork joints using no oil, use flavoured skewers for that taste sensation, and grill the perfect sardines with a fish holder accessory

Cooking with gas barbecues

a good grilling

A good grilling

We gave top tips on cleaning and cooking for your BBQ. Plus a receipe that's perfect for entertaining your guests at your next garden party

Read the guide to a good grilling

Buying advice

Our barbecues buying guide talks you through the range,
from small portable charcoal grills to fully assembled
gas barbecues, so you can make the right choice
for your needs.

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