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    The general rule when making cocktails is that they need to be shaken when they include fruit juices, egg, cream or thick mixes; and stirred when distilled spirits or lighter mixers are used, to prevent the spirit being ‘bruised’.


    Ice forms an important part of any cocktail, helping to blend flavours when shaking as well as becoming a part of the drink when it melts. Ice cubes work for almost all cocktails, including ‘gentlemen’s drinks’, whereas cracked and shaved ice are great for classics such as the margarita.


    When shaking cocktails, fill the shaker with ice first so the liquids cool as they’re added and be sure not to overfill it. Remember to shake vigorously – this helps to combine the flavours, creating a light and smooth cocktail.

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The right glass can make or break a cocktail as many are tailored to the taste of the drink. Invest in your favourites for a truly authentic evening.


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Summer coolers

Summer coolers

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