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The new Olympus M10 mark II Camera

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digital DSLR

Modern digital technology
with the flexibility of a traditional SLR

Compact system

Portable like a compact, powerful like a DSLR, with a lens for every occasion


For image quality, lenses
are as important as the camera itself

Bridge cameras

Gives you the feel of a DSLR with the simplicity of
a compact

Point & Shoot cameras

Keep a camera handy to capture precious moments as they happen

Super Zoom cameras

Capture beautiful portraits, or just get into the thick of it with our super zoom range


Create your own movies good enough to show on TV to family and friends


Our wide range of binoculars give you a closer view of
the action

Capture every moment on your smartphone or tablet

Capture photos and 4K ultra HD videos on your smartphone or tablet, with SanDisk Extreme mobile memory cards. A perfect companion for your smartphone

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shoot like a pro

Shoot like a pro

Choosing the right gear and knowing how to use it can be tricky. With a range of cameras by top manufacturers like Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung and Sony, we have everything you need to capture the moment. Whether you’re after the latest compact system cameras, a powerful DSLR or a digital compact camera for the whole family, make sure to stop by our camera buying guide to help you make a decision. For expert shooting advice, head over to inspiration and advice for interviews with top photographers on portrait and sports photography.

choosing your lens

Choosing your lens

A good lens makes all the difference to your photography. A reliable standard lens works for anything from street photography to portraits, telephoto is ideal for sports, while a wide angle lens will capture stunning landscapes. If you prefer to capture the hidden detail in small object then a macro lens should do the trick. We carry a whole range of lens by brands like Sigma, Pentax, Nikon, Canon and others that will help you get the very best from your compact system camera or DSLR. Remember to pick up a lens case as your collection grows.