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Mr Christmas' Seasonal Musings. Number Three - Christmas Cards

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Now the nights are drawing in, I'm starting to think about my compiling my Christmas card list. Since the advent of the iPad, I've kept an electronic record from previous years, so this has become less of a chore. Yet the question of who's struck off and who's added in remains a tricky one. Do the lovely people we met on holiday two years ago, but haven't seen since, get a card this year? It's a safe bet that if we don't send a card they'll send us one to arrive just after the last posting date.

Despite the angst, I love receiving cards with special messages from friends and family, justifying the time taken in writing out my own cards. I make the experience an enjoyable one by settling down for a long writing session with some Christmas music and a glass (or three) of Lyme Bay mulled wine. My partner and I try to make some handmade cards every year to give our creative side a festive outlet. If you're interested in making cards, there are lots of papers and accessories to choose from. I particularly like the Docrafts range which has all the bits and bobs you need to make your own cards, including this bumper pack of paper squares

If like me you don't have time to make all your cards, we sell a great selection of premium and hand-crafted designs, sales of which include a 25% donation to charity. My personal favourites are the laser cut snowflake cards and the premium leaping deer cards which have foil-lined envelopes and seals.

Children love to send cards to their friends, but this can become quite costly when they want to send one to everyone at school. A good choice are the smaller-sized Hugs cards which feature 4 different characters with outstretched arms and our mini nativity cards. For a special touch, or if you have a lots to send, you may wish to consider personalised cards. There are over 50 branded designs to choose from on our website - CCA cards are priced from £64 for 50 cards.

Whichever type of card you choose, make sure you don't miss the last posting dates: 18 December for 2nd class and 20 December for 1st class. For sending abroad, the Royal Mail website is helpful. (opens in a new window)