Slick oils

Susannah Cole

Web Copy Producer, Beauty,

If you haven’t heard about the new beauty super trend,  banish your previous conceptions about pore-enhancing grease-laden skin -  the new wave of oil products has brought some super savvy, beauty routine-enhancing products that I can highly recommend

Historically associated with the beauty products of Greek goddesses, oils are finally reaching cult status on UK shores.  Why? Well, it’s simple - these new oils are lightweight, with speedy absorption, creating silky nourished skin. They’re suitable for all skin types including oily skin; yes,  you did read that correctly.

Secret beauty hint here - these oils actually sink further into the skin than your favourite moisturiser, permeating lower into your skin’s dermis, brightening skin, helping to decrease wrinkles and delivering better results all round.  In addition, these little beauties can often be used in multiple ways, saving you time, money and space in your bathroom cupboard.

Oils are really very easy to incorporate into your daily routine; however, if you’re less confident, start with something easy and affordable such as an oil cleanser which will enhance luminosity and radiance in your skin - once you see the results, I’m sure you’ll be hooked.  To support your transformation, here are some of my suggestions of the best oils out there.


For the body you simply can't beat Elemental Herbology's lovely Botanical Body Repair Oil which nourishes and restores skin, especially hardened areas such as knees and elbows. Elemental Herbology is quickly becoming one of my favourite new brands as they deliver spa quality products that my skin literally drinks. Cell Food is a great example which delivers fantastic results. This particular oil combines jasmine and mandarin leaving your skin smelling delicious. I also love adding this to the ends of my hair post-colour or swim to stop splitting.


For the skin, Melvita is a fantastic indie beauty brand (with substantial organic certifications) whose products deliver results quickly at very agreeable prices. Their Borage Oil is very popular with bloggers and beauty fanatics like myself due to its anti-ageing properties, while consistency- wise it's perfect for at-home facials and super-hydrating treatments. I love adding this to my daily moisturisers whenever my skin is feeling parched. Their Pure Argan Oil Roll-on is a handbag must-have, performing better than other lipbalms I own, and it's rescued my nails and cuticles so many times I couldn't be without it.

I must also mention Nude and their ProGenius Treatment Oil. It's packed with vital skin nutrients and 10 precious oils this will transform your skin, adding a lustrous finish. I add ProGenius to everything: sunscreen, moisturiser, face masks the lot, as the consistency is beginner-friendly and results are instant. Their cleansing oil is also fantastic at removing make-up, and one I believe dry-skin sufferers would not want to miss.

Finally for men, something to help with shaving rashes and dry skin. Kiehl's Close Shavers Oil is the perfect companion to add to your daily grooming and will support your shave, ensuring less dragging and an impressive reduction in redness and shaving rashes; simply add a few drops pre-foam or cream.


If your focus is hair Ojon will soon be launching their Rare Blend Oil this October. This tropical smelling oil is infused with the pulp of the Ojon nut, while rare oils from Tahiti and the French Polynesia soothe even the most unruly hair leaving it super shiny and salon worthy. I applied a few drops to my hair while it was damp and it was almost a joy to dry and style; you could also add at night for an intensive overnight treatment.

Targeted treatments

In terms of treatment specific oils Clarins face treatment oils are great for different skin conditions: Blue Orchid is particularly good as it helps with clearing up eczema and (I've heard) rosacea. Their Lotus version is a godsend for oily to combination skin; it really cleared up my summer T-zone! You only need 2 drops max and the bottle will last for ages, so it's good value.

From an holistic point of view, Dr Hauschka do an extensive range of oils which smell heavenly but also work on a number of body ailments. The Rose Body Oil is fantastic for a real at-home pamper treatment and baby massage, while their fabulous Lemongrass Body Oil uplifts tired sprits and diminishes the appearance of cellulite, puttin it on every model's and celebrity's shopping list.

As you can see from my rave reviews, I'd like you to banish old wives' tales and embrace oils, they're a new beginning for you and your body.

PS Editor's tip: I'm a huge fan of Kiehl's skincare, and my more mature skin is loving Kiehl's Midnight Recovery concentrate at night; it contains essential oils and the inclusion of lavender certainly seems to help me sleep! There's an eye cream too which is equally lovely.