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If you’re buying your first pushchair – or if you’re a first-time proud grandparent making the purchase – the choices facing you can seem almost overwhelming, not to mention the expense. But what do you get for your money?

Easy for us to say, but you really do get what you pay for. Your pushchair needs to be manufactured and tested absolutely rigorously to stand up to the punishment it will inevitably get, but it also has to be easy for you to use, and design has come on a long way.

iCandy is a British family business with over 80 years of family expertise in the manufacturing and design industry. Launched in 2005, iCandy have been dedicated to creating pushchairs to reflect your unique sense of style as well as your desire for practical, well-designed solutions. The iCandy range is specifically developed for the parent who needs something special, something different, something that catches the eye. Every fold, every curve and every movement of this iconic British brand is a celebration of contemporary luxury, quality and textures. You'll be pleased to know that iCandy also make accessories for their pushchairs which we stock online.

The iCandy range

Featuring an exclusive range of 5 beautiful, multi-functional pushchair systems that will change the way you think about early parenthood forever. The days of having to choose between practical functionality and fashion-leading style are over. iCandy is where the two elements merge seamlessly and elegantly. 

iCandy cherry
iCandy peach
iCandy apple
iCandy strawberry
iCandy strawberry

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