Our school uniform is market-leading thanks to the ingenious designs, extra protection on the fabrics and clever finishing touches. Each piece is designed to last, look great and make maintenance easy.

fabric protector

Teflon® fabric protector is an invisible force field that helps protect our clothing from spills, stains, blemishes and everyday messy mishaps children encounter. Stains and spills clean up quickly and easily, fabrics retain their colour and quality so they look better and last longer.

Look out for the Teflon® fabric protector logo on the product pages of the John Lewis school uniform range. Any product featuring this logo is easy to clean and easy to care for.

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Non-scuff shoes

Non-scuff shoes

Shoes can look old before their time when they belong to children who are constantly running, climbing, jumping and kicking balls. Look for the featured Permair Leather John Lewis school shoes. Permair is a scuff resistant finish, which makes them more hard wearing.

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Non-iron shirts and blouses

Non-iron shirts and blouses

Non-iron fabrics are what every parent wishes for. Designed with taped seams, hang the freshly-washed shirt or blouse up, allowing it to dry naturally for a wrinkle-free finish.

All of our core shirt and blouse twin packs will benefit from some excellent new features, aimed at under-eights. Easy-to-close Velcro top buttons and stretchy expandable cuffs will help ease the morning stress in getting little ones ready for school.

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Adjustable waists

Our trousers and skirts come with adjustable waists – perfect for growth spurts and extra comfortable for active kids.

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Keeping feet healthy

Wearing the same shoes all day every day puts footwear through some challenging times. In order to ensure your child’s shoes continue to offer support and a healthy environment for their feet some ingenious technology has been created:

Clarks’ Agion Technology eliminates odours and prevents bacterial and fungal growth, while Active Air shoes have cushioned soles to support growing feet. Geox shoes are well known for their breathability and feature tiny permeated holes in the soles that allow moisture to be quickly absorbed so feet stay dry and healthy. The sole is also completely waterproof, so puddles pose no problems!

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Novozyme treatment for knitwear and sweats

Novozyme treatment
for knitwear and sweats

Here comes the science part! Any knitwear with the Novozyme treatment will resist pilling and colour fade, so they look better for longer.

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Tights and socks

Tights and socks

Our heat-generating thermal tights and socks are made from a special blend of fibres which use the body’s own moisture to generate and retain heat. They’re super soft, naturally breathable and have added stretch for comfort and shape retention.

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Better Cotton Initiative

This year, we're proud to be partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative. The BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the future of cotton.

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