“Undulating elegance” March arrangement/>

How to arrange artificial flowers

6 looks for 6 months

Start each month with a fresh take on real blossoms by using artificial flowers. Start with a well suited vase and layer on faux flowers to suit the season - taking away the maintenance of withered petals for a look that lasts.

March arrangement

Begin with the LSA International Chiffon vase which has a fluid-like, undulating profile, emulating the beautiful movement of fabric. Dress by adding seasonal Floralsilk tulip stems, leaning them in different directions. Make the most of the individual shape and allow the arrangement to sit naturally. The muted colours give the opportunity to create an arresting centrepiece on your dining table.

“Subtle style”- April arrangement

April arrangement

Decorate your interior with the cherry blossom stems that will accent your home with pastel charm and delicate aesthetics. Add them to the living room windowsill to mark the arrival of spring, and complement with the viburnum spray.

‘Bold blooms’- May arrangement

May arrangement

Create a show-stopping centrepiece by juxtaposing the understated design of the LSA column vase with the fuller bouquet of pussy willow and viburnum sprays. The arrangement adds height and depth to your interior whilst still keeping it clean with its neutral palette.

“Sweet pea pops” June arrangement

June arrangement

Encourage a refreshing and revitalising ambience in your home using vibrant hues and striking shapes of sweet pea, displayed in a complementary vase. Layer your arrangement with different-coloured artificial flowers that work with the LSA flower colour bud vase cohesively. Place along a console or shelving to inject energy into a room.

“Pretty in pink” – July arrangement

July arrangement

Allow the curvature of the table bouquet vase to subtly bring the outdoors in, adding a floral touch for the summer. Embellish with flamboyant peony sprays and contrast with the viburnum sprays to forge a marriage of complementary colours that you can tie into your interior.

“Sophisticated stems” August arrangement

August arrangement

The globe-shaped polka vase adds an air of sophistication to your flowers, while bringing in the onset colours of autumn. Offset the piece with muted hues and traditional buds like the new English rose. Arrange them to fall naturally in a casual, nonchalant fashion to achieve the look.