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Caroline Ogilvie

Buying Administrator, Fitted furniture


Caroline Ogilvie

Buying Administrator, Fitted furniture

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Tips for choosing a fitted bedroom

Introducing fitted furniture into your bedroom is a great way to add structure and storage. Fitted furniture offers you more choice on colour and ranges than freestanding bedroom furniture, and utilises space to its full potential.

Here's what to consider:

1. Budget - obviously it's important to have some idea of how much money you want to spend. As you can imagine, the more features you have and the bigger the room, the more you need to be prepared to budget for. Nolte furniture can work out cheaper, but you have to plan your own scheme and you may prefer to have that done for you!

2. Room shape - size, layout (such as positioning of doors and windows), and quirks (like low or sloping ceilings) of your room will have some bearing on the ranges that will fit your room.If space is at a premium, go for an over-the-bed unit to make the most of the wasted space on the wall. Consider wardrobes with sliding or bi-fold doors to avoid extra clutter in a small room, and also corner wardrobes, which can make good use of dead space. Hang the door so that it opens against an unused wall to open up a room.

3. Storage requirements - consider the type and combination of spaces you need: think about long hanging space for dresses and coats, double hanging space for shirts, trousers and blouses, and shelves for t-shirts, jumpers and accessories.

4. Colour scheme - you may want to choose a colour scheme to complement existing dècor, or prefer to make your fitted furniture the defining feature.Start by choosing a carcass colour - just remember that it probably needs to be something you're still happy to live with in 10 years' time! You can always add colour in ways that are easier to change, such as glass top surface protectors, handles , wallpaper and bed linen.

5. Style - with both contemporary and classic options, you should be able to find what's best to suit your taste and your space. You might also want to consider mirrored fronts to give an instant illusion of space.

We have 3 ranges to choose from; you can see designs and get advice in all our shops, except Knight & Lee and at Home branches. You can also pick up a brochure in our shops (or by calling 0800 021 4361), and research here.

John Lewis Fitted Bedrooms - We've selected a range of 8 unique bedrooms, in both classic and contemporary styles, and all coming with a 10 year guarantee. We'll send a designer to your home to measure your room, discuss your requirements, and design a scheme. About 6 to 8 weeks after you've placed your order, your furniture will be delivered and fitted by a professional installer.

Lawrence Walsh Bedrooms - Lawrence Walsh is an established family business that's been running over 3 generations, and has worked with John Lewis for 25 years. Their extensive range also comes with a 10 year guarantee. As with John Lewis furniture, a designer will visit you at home to design a scheme that works for you, and then a professional installer will deliver and fit your furniture 6-8 weeks after you've place your order.

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