Choosing functional lighting - video guide

Find the best options to light your home

Changing your lighting can often be the cheapest and best home improvement to your rooms without the need to change anything else; but it's often the least considered part of people's décor. Lights can add impact and style, both lit and unlit; but lighting is only good if it does what you need it to, whether that's bright, task-oriented and directional spotlights in the kitchen or bathroom, to more relaxed and ambient lighting for less functional areas such as the bedroom and dining space.

As well as function, it's important to consider size of room, height of ceiling and furnishing styles, and we have a great range of lights available covering contemporary and classic looks for every room in the house. In this video we talk through some of the options available, and hope what you see inspires you to take a good look at your lighting. If you know what you want, then browse our online range and check out our buying guide, but if you need some guidance, the expert Partners in our shops will be only to happy to offer advice.

And if installing new lighting is a slightly daunting prospect, we now have a lighting installation service and when you buy any wall, ceiling or outdoor light in our shops you can book our trained installers to fit it for you.


We no longer stock the 5-light linear bar displayed above the dining table (shown after 1:24 minutes). For alternatives, view our range of ceiling lights.