How to choose outdoor lighting - video guide

Illuminate your outdoor space

It's often neglected, but it's important to choose the right lighting for outdoors as well as your indoors. Not only does it make a difference to the atmosphere (adding a party feel during those long summer evenings), but it's good for safety and security too.

When you're looking for security, consider a PIR sensor that's more energy-efficient as it only comes on with motion. There's an array of options available to choose from that can be either wired into the mains with halogen or LED bulbs, or simply solar powered. We have a wide selection of solar-based lights that still work brilliantly in winter owing to the quality of the solar panels.

More "design-led" lights are also available which give a softer ambient light output, and look stunning whilst still performing an essential security role.

Find out more in this video and in our lighting buying guide - and of course the Lighting Partners in our shops will be happy to share their expertise and help you work out what's right for your outdoor space.