Poles and tracks for regular windows - video guide

How to measure and fit

New curtains and fittings are a surefire way to refresh a room, but new curtains on old fittings may not quite do the job. Deciding on whether to use curtain track or a curtain pole will be a decision based on aesthetics such as  what sits well with the curtain fabric and other fittings in the room, as well as solving the practical issue of how best to hang your curtains in your particular window.

For standard windows and a simple solutions, pole kits are great. The “Create your own” option, where you can buy all the components separately, gives you the best quality, choice of styles and flexibility, in finding the appropriate solution for a range of window shapes. Many of these ranges are hand crafted in the UK.

Curtain tracks are immensely practical, with PVC suitable for light to medium weight curtains, and it can be bent round bays. Aluminium tracks have a smoother operation and can take heavier weight curtains, and bend better than PVC round tight corners. Aluminium tracks come uncorded or corded, with corded track having the added benfit of your not needing to handle the fabric – great if your curtains are awkward to draw because furniture’s in the way!

Before you buy your curtain pole or track, you’ll need to know the exact size of the space you want it to cover. In this video one of our expert fitters demonstrates the stages to follow when measuring and fitting a curtain pole or track to a straight, regular window. I hope it shows you how, with a little care and patience, fitting your own curtain pole or track is a relatively simple job. But do remember, if you have an especially challenging job, or simply lack the time or inclination, for a fee, we can arrange to measure and fit curtain poles and tracks for you – just ask in our shops.

Our buying guides also give clear instructions on how to measure accurately for curtain poles and tracks. If you have a bay window, watch the video on how to measure and fit a pole or track.