John Lewis Egyptian towels

Just pick a colour

With our Egyptian cotton towels, available in a huge range of beautiful colours and generous sizes, you can definitely find the shade you’re looking for. We also have towelling and deep pile tufted Egyptian bath mats to match every colour and a range of sizes in our best selling colours.

Egyptian cotton is renowned for its softness and durability, and using it for towels means they’ll remain soft and in shape wash after wash. At a heavy 700 grams per square metre, these towels will feel thick and luxurious as well as highly absorbent.

We spent 18 months researching our competitors and the market to make sure we got just the right shade and mix of colours. All the colour palettes have been chosen to complement one another, with a light, mid and dark shade of each colour group. Adding colourful towels to your bathroom can really brighten it up - and this range with 6 “friends and family” colour groups enables you not just to mix and match complementary colours to match your bathroom, but to make sure everyone in the family knows whose towel is whose.