Premium luxury linen - a video guide to dressing

Caroline Beckett

Website Editor,

Warm up winter whites

If you seem to be on the eternal search for a perfect night's sleep, look no further. With 1000 threads finely woven into each square inch, our Genuisa bed linen offers the most luxurious comfort and softest feel, guaranteed to make you drop off as soon as your head hits the pillow!

Blended from the finest cottons, Genuisa is the most premium of our bedding ranges and features Suvine, a cotton left to grow in order to produce extra long and fine yarns that are woven together to create our highest thread count. The result is a beautifully lusturous bed linen, finished with a stunning satin stitch and perfect for luxurious lounging as the nights draw in.

For ultimate opulence, the Genuisa range also features sheets to ensure you feel silky comfort throughout. In this video, we also show how you can add texture and additional warmth for those cold winter nights with pillows or a soft throw.