Sleep tight every night


Heena Tailor

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Climbing into bed knowing your mattress will give you the perfect landing to rejuvenate and relax is just what you need after a long day. We spend around a third of our lives asleep, so the correct mattress can be the difference between sweet dreams or nights of tossing and turning. This month is National Bed Month, so what better way to celebrate but to ensure your bed will promote quality sleep.

Laying the foundations is crucial in ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. While a mattress may be an expensive purchase, a good mattress can last for 8 to 10 years, so it’s a long term investment where you will reap the benefits every day. To pick your mattress, we recommend testing the mattress on your chosen bedstead or divan in one of our shops.

A good way to check if the bed you’re lying on is too soft, too hard, or just right is to lie on your back, placing your hand in the small of your back and then trying to move it about. If it moves too easily, the bed may be too hard for you; if it's a struggle to move your hand, then the bed is too soft. If you can move your hand with just a little resistance, the bed may be just right for you.

Laying your foundations

Our Infinity 720 range features the Infinity Sleep Support System® that uses high tensile steel gauge wire technology. It's designed to produce more comfortable springs while using less steel, therefore helping reduce our carbon footprint. The Infinity spring system delivers exceptional contouring, body support and reduced roll-together and has a woven damask cover giving you that soft touch for a restful night’s sleep.

Our Natural Collection has been made by Spink & Edgar, a family run business from Leeds. Made from natural materials like cotton, wool, silk and cashmere, the fibres and fillings will help regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture, so you can easily maintain a clean, fresh-feeling sleeping environment. All the wool used to make these mattresses is sourced from the UK, and indeed a good proportion of it comes from Spink & Edgar's own farm in Yorkshire where they breed sheep only for this wool. From the cotton mattress, which will give you a soft and cool landing, to the cashmere mattress that’s filled with wool and hemp, blended with Egyptian cotton and fine angora for a sumptuous, luxurious feel, you’ll find a mattress to fit you in our natural collection range.

The Ortho Support collection has been specially designed for a firmer feel mattress without compromising on comfort. Made in Britain, this handcrafted mattress contains 1036 ReActive pocket springs, each working independently to provide total body support. It's upholstered with materials from sustainable sources, including a breathable polyester. Silver micro particles are also contained within the fabric finish which ensures a clean and fresh anti-allergenic sleeping environment.

Added comfort

And once you’ve tried and tested your mattresses, choosing the perfect pillow and duvet is crucial to peaceful night’s sleep. Made in the UK, our natural pillows from Hungarian goose down to Siberian Goose Down, our natural pillows are perfect if you sleep on your back or side. Giving you that soft landing, the feather cores provide added support so that you can drift away in no time.

And for that all-important duvet, whether you opt for our Breathe synthetic duvet, which has a blend of modal fibres to regulate your body temperature,or our Toasty Toes duvet which has a higher tog at one end to keep your feet warm, you’ll say goodbye to nights of
counting sheep.

Mattress laid, pillows plump and duvet fluffy. Take time out this month to create the optimum bedroom environment, leaving you bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead.