A good grilling

Lucy Rhead

Online Selling Coordinator, johnlewis.com

Enjoy some alfresco barbecuing

As the evenings lengthen and the mercury rises - albeit slowly - it’s time to look forward to getting out the barbecue.  This season we’ve got some colourful new models that’ll brighten up any grey day and lots of tips to help you grill perfectly. 

Top barbies

If you’re trying to make the most of the sunshine, portable barbecues are great as they’re easy to carry and will fit in the back of your car. Go for our John Lewis charcoal barbecue in fennel, or our snazzy House by John Lewis in bright red.

For a bit of style to your garden then I recommend our John Lewis 4 Burner gas barbecue. All our John Lewis barbecues feature the innovative Grillstream system, whereby the recessed grill bars channel oil and fat away to prevent flare-ups and retain the food's natural juices and flavour.

We all like a slice or two of pizza, so if you want to add something different to your usual outdoor entertaining then try the Weber Pizza Oven. It’s designed to fit on top of a 57cm diameter charcoal barbecue, so you can enjoy evenly cooked, stone baked pizzas!


Cooking tips

  • To light a charcoal barbecue quickly, use a Weber chimney starter. There’s also a portable chimney starter for the Smokey Joe
  • To light a gas barbecue safely, check all the burners are switched off and the lid’s open.
  • Always cook with the lid down and the vents open, to avoid flare-ups and keep food moist
  • To roast or bake, position the coals to the sides; or only have a couple of gas burners lit, as this positions  the food away from the direct heat and thus creates a roasting environment
  • When grilling food, always leave an area of indirect heat.  This keeps the food warm and avoids flare-ups
  • When grilling food, always leave an area of indirect heat.  This Clean you charcoal grill after you’ve put the hot coals into the barbecue, then place the cooking grate and lid on top.  After 10 minutes, any fat or food will have carbonised so you can brush off  the residue
  • Likewise for a gas grill,  before cooking, turn all of the burners on high and leave for 10 minutes, then brush clean the carbonised residue
  • To season your cooking grate, take an onion and slice it in half.  Place onto a barbecue fork, dip in oil and rub across the grate surface

Cleaning your barbecue

  • Clean the cooking grates every time you use the barbecue: this also helps create a nonstick surface.
  • The easiest way to clean a barbecue is to turn your gas barbecue to a high heat or fill your charcoal barbecue with coals and then leave 15 minutes to burn off.  Remove any carbonised debris with a Weber T-brush
  • If you’ve a gas barbecue make sure you empty the drip pan is emptied after every couple of uses.  Left emptied and this could be a fire hazard
  • A couple of times a season carry out a deep clean.  Wipe down the barbecue with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Scrape off any accumulated debris under the lid. Remove the cooking grates, brush the burners and clean out the bottom of the cooking box

  • Pizza with prosciutto and wild rocket
    Serves 4-6

    For 50/50 dough

    300g, strong white bread flour
    300g, Tipo 00 flour
    (Italian pasta flour)
    1 sachet of instant dried yeast
    3 tbsp, extra virgin olive oil
    2 tsp, caster sugar
    2 tsp, salt
    375ml, warm water

    For tomato sauce
    Tinned tomatoes, chopped
    Oregano, dried
    2 tbsp sugar
    Olive oi

Place all of the flour in a large mixing bowl. Add the yeast sachet, salt and sugar. Then add the warm water and mix with a wooden spoon until all combined. Tip out and knead for 7 minutes adding extra typo00 flour if the dough's too sticky. Allow to rise in a warm room for 1 hour or at least until it has doubled in size. The dough is then ready to use.

To make the sauce, mix together the chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano and sugar.

Divide dough into 5. Roll out a thin 12 inch base using lots of flour so it doesn't stick. Thinly spread the tomato sauce over the base leaving a 1cm sauce-free edge for the crust to rise. Add cheese and olives and dust with oregano and black pepper.

Using a dry, well-floured pizza paddle firmly scoop up the pizza and shuffle it into the pre-heated pizza oven. Cook for 3 minutes or until the base is crisp and the cheese is bubbling. If using a pizza stone cook for about 10 minutes.

Garnish with prosciutto and rocket.