Wallpaper tricks and tips - video

Alan Whitwell

Home Design Advisor, John Lewis Peterborough

Next steps in wallpapering

If you’ve mastered some basics in wallpapering, this video’s aimed at helping you further. In it I cover calculating and allowing for pattern repeat, papering around switches and sockets, and talk about some of the ways in which wallpaper can help create the kind of finish you’re looking for.

I also like to use wallpaper in unexpected ways, not just on walls. I'm very much into recycling, and love to transform dowdy unfashionable furniture into something special at a fraction of the cost of something new. I hope my lamp tables shown at the end give you some inspiration, and you could also try wallpapering plain cardboard storage boxes.

And if you don’t want a whole wall or room of a gorgeous but expensive paper, paste it onto a large canvas frame and hang it on the wall instead!

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