Kate Scott

Assistant Buyer

Wall Decor

First class travel

Every picture tells a story, and there’s a great story behind our best-selling Getty image, First Class Travel.

In this video, Anthony Gammell from Getty sets the scene and explains a little more about this rare photograph from the 1960s, involving two pop music icons of that era. We hope you enjoy the story!

Not only are the Getty images fascinating to look at, but the process by which they’re made  are made is also unique, especially in today’s digital world. Each picture comes from a real photograph and undergoes a lengthy production process by a specialist team with years of expertise.

Much of the process is still carried out by hand, and importantly all of this is done in the UK, making the pictures extra special. The video shows you this process now, and we hope you’re interested to find the out more about the journey of an iconic Getty photograph from negative to your home.

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