Tidy up your 'tache

Caroline Beckett

Editor, Online Selling

Facial hair is enjoying a real renaissance, encouraged by hirsute celebrities such as Brad Pitt, and I certainly can’t remember the last time I saw a photo of George Michael without his trademark trim goatee. Marketing campaigns across the menswear spectrum, including ourselves, are celebrating and embracing the beard.

Perhaps for many of you it’s the first time you’ve set aside your razor and embraced your stubble - but it may not be the straightforward experience you expected. So if taming your 'tache or beard is proving a bit of a challenge, we hope you’ll find this video helpful. It features advice from award-winning shaving guru Alex Glover, Master Barber at Murdock’s, and some friends of ours.

We’ve used products from Murdock London, famed for their shaving range, and show the Philips QC5370 clipper. And the Izola Prospector Beard Oil is part of a range of useful and nifty items for men that are perfect for travel and make great gifts.