Top 10 Wireless speakers

[1] In2uit Collage Bluetooth Speaker

As much of a talking point as a music system, the In2uit Collage uses electrostatic speakers to create a wafer thin, wall-mount-friendly design. The Collage boasts a digital amplifier that keeps audio sound clear and crisp across its range.In2uit Collage Bluetooth Speaker, £399.95

[2] Sonos PLAY:3 Wireless Music System

Sonos is reigning champion of the wireless music scene for a reason. Apple AirPlay powers quality hardware and the modular approach lets you build up a tailored, multi-room sound system over time. The Play:3 is a great starting point with its blend of simplicity and power.Sonos PLAY:3 Wireless Music System, £249

B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Speaker, £499.95

[3] B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Speaker

Bower & Wilkins' Zeppelin docks have always stood out with their lush design and balanced playback. The Zeppelin Air improves on just about everything with an up-to-date Lightning dock and loss-less AirPlay streaming. Bass output has been overhauled too with an emphasis on richness.B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Speaker, £499.95

Pure Jongo S2 Wireless Speaker, £169.95

[4] Pure Jongo S2 Wireless Speaker

Pure have moved into the multi-room audio arena lately with their Jongo series and the results have been impressive. Supporting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with streaming from Pure's own Connect app, Jongo also features access to the Pure Music subscription service. Pure Jongo S2 Wireless Speaker, £169.95

[5] AQ SmartSpeaker A1

The SmartSpeaker A1 is one of the few wireless speakers out there supporting DLNA music streaming as well as Apple AirPlay. It's perfect for those craving more flexibility or just looking for alternatives to the Apple ecosystem. Compatible with IOS, Android and Windows devices.AQ SmartSpeaker A1, £159.95

[6] Sony CMT-BT80W Micro System

One for the traditionalists. Sony's BT80W takes all the best parts of a micro system: DAB radio, CD playback, powerful speakers, and adds AirPlay, Bluetooth and NFC. The result is a wireless speaker that does it all. It even charges any USB device that's connected.Sony CMT-BT80W Micro System, £229.95

Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth NFC Potable Speaker, £99.95
TDK Q35 Wireless Speaker, £229.95

[7] Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth NFC Potable Speaker

Continuing with portable goodness, the Sony SRS-BTM8 brings NFC to Bluetooth streaming and makes pairing as simple as a touch. Offering up to 20 hours of music from 4 AA batteries, the BTM8 also packs 4W output into a trim design with a carry handle.Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth NFC Potable Speaker, £99.95

[8] TDK Q35 Wireless Speaker with Qi Wireless Charging
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Wireless in more ways than one - The TDK Q35 offers Bluetooth 2.1 streaming and Qi wireless inductive charging. This form of Bluetooth preserves just about every detail of your music, while the Qi system means you can charge compatible devices by just placing them on the system. It's also been made weather-resistant to resist splashing when used outside.TDK Q35 Wireless Speaker, £229.95

In2uit Filo Bluetooth Portable Speaker, £249.95

[9] In2uit Filo Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Yes, Filo - like the exceptionally thin and tasty pastry. This slim wireless speaker uses electrostatic technology to reduce bulk. A dedicated subwoofer rounds out your listening with more depth and the whole system is portable too thanks to a built-in battery. In2uit Filo Bluetooth Portable Speaker, £249.95

Juice Sound Square, £40

[10] Juice Sound Square

Very cute and verging on pocket-size, the Juice Sound Square sits at the very portable end of portable. This Bluetooth based speaker brings a surprising amount of punch and is an ideal companion to smartphones. Available in pink, grey, yellow or white.Juice Sound Square, £40