Instant Expert: 4K Ultra HD

Instant Expert: 4K Ultra HD

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Martin Kearney

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Do you remember when you watched something in HD for the first time? How much sharper it was, and how SD (standard definition) just didn't seem to measure up anymore? Well it's about to happen all over again with 4K Ultra HD.

How does it work?

4K TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels - 4 times greater than closest competitor Full HD and much further ahead of HD and SD.

The benefits:

More detail means that films and TV programmes will look better on larger screens. Curves and diagonals will appear smoother because of higher pixel density, leading to less jaggedness and more realistic action. Passive 3D is set to benefit as well, because more information can go around when the image is split, to create the 3D effect.

YouTube and Netflix are set to offer their own 4K content, while Sony and Microsoft are using the technology in their latest consoles.

At a glance

  • More detail on larger screens
  • Improved viewing distances
  • Better passive 3D

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