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John Lewis Copper Cookware

£60.00 - £125.00

We like it because...

our timeless copper range is designed to give professional results, with a multi-layer construction that heats quickly and evenly.


Copper cookware provides incredible conductivity, meaning no unpredicatable hotspots and efficient cooking.


Range Features


All the pans in this range come with a lifetime guarantee

Layered tri-ply construction heats quickly and evenly, using minimal energy

Suitable for all hob types, including induction, and oven safe to 180°C

Internal capacity markings on saucepans and casserole to make measuring easy

All the pans in this range feature a strong and durable stainless steel handle


John Lewis
John Lewis Copper Lidded Saucepans

John Lewis Copper Lidded Saucepans

£75.00 - £95.00

Product code : 81306911

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John Lewis Copper Frying Pan, 24cm

John Lewis Copper Frying Pan

£65.00 - £75.00

Product code : 81306914

Rated an average of 1.5/5 2 Reviews

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