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John Lewis Copper Cookware

£60.00 - £125.00


Copper cookware provides incredible conductivity, and this range meets professional standards thanks to its triply construction. The outer layer of solid copper, an inner layer of stainless steel and an aluminium core (extending from the base of the pan to the rim) result in even heat distribution throughout each pot and pan. This means no unpredictable hotspots or burnt edges, which is a triumph when cooking at high temperatures. Suitable for all hobs, including induction. To add to the pan’s charm, the copper has a classic look that’s too attractive to store behind cupboard doors. 


Induction Compatible
Oven Safe
Available In Range
Casseroles & Stockpots
Available In Range
Available In Range
Frying Pans & Skillets
Available In Range
Milk Pans
Available In Range
Chef & Saute Pans
John Lewis
John Lewis Copper Lidded Saucepans

John Lewis Copper Lidded Saucepans

£75.00 - £95.00

Product code : 81306911

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John Lewis Copper Frying Pan, 24cm

John Lewis Copper Frying Pan

£65.00 - £75.00

Product code : 81306914

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