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John Lewis Hemingway Living and Dining Room Furniture

£299.00 - £2,250.00


Elegant furniture, inspired by the formal yet practical look of the late 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. Each piece is made from melia oak solids and pippy oak veneers, stained a rich deep colour, and hand-polished with wax lacquer. For a traditional finish, doors and drawers are finished with antiqued brass knob handles.

Please note: Not all of our Furniture ranges are on display at every branch. Please phone your nearest branch to check before you visit.

Further information:

Pippy oak is used for its character and changing grain structure that catches the light. It is a small, light cluster of knots which appear sporadically in the growth of the oak tree and is a feature highly valued by master crastsman for its decorative appearance.

Melia ash is a fast growing tree, taking only 20-25 years to mature, and has been used for its stable and durable qualities.

The Cane used in Hemingway is natural and handmade.

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John Lewis

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