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John Lewis Pocket Ortho 1000 Mattress Range

£300.00 - £400.00


The Ortho collection has been designed for a firmer feel mattress without compromising on comfort. Made in the UK, this hand crafted mattress contains over 1000 ReActive pocket springs in a kingsize mattress, each spring works independently to provide total body support.

It's no-turn so easy to maintain and it's upholstered with materials from sustainable sources, including breathable lambs wool blend, polyester cotton blend and recycled cotton.

Silver micro particles are contained within the fabric finish which inhibits dust mites and provides a fresher, cleaner sleeping environment.

Match this mattress with a non sprung divan base or slatted bedstead to ensure firmer support.

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John Lewis
Tuft Type/Surface Finish
Cotton felt tufts
Side stitched
2 rows of machine side stitching
Mattress care
No turn - rotate head to foot
Mattress Type
Pocket Spring
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Mattresses Buying Guide

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