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Le Creuset Breakfast Collection

£18.00 - £36.00


Le Creuset Breakfast Collection is destined to set any breakfast table alight with an array of colour!

When it comes to our morning cup of tea or coffee, we British can’t seem to wake up without it. So, with this in mind, Le Creuset has turned its attention to the most important meal of the day and has created a colourful collection for serving tea and coffee.

Knowing how much wear and tear your favourite mug and breakfast essentials endure, Le Creuset’s Breakfast Collection is destined to last, coming with a fantastic 5-year guarantee.

It is fully enamelled and easy-to-clean, with a scratch resistant surface keeping it hygienic and free from absorbing odours and flavours.
Each product is microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe and made of hard wearing stoneware to resist staining, chipping and cracking. It will look as good as new every time you use it!

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Le Creuset
Microwave safe
Manufacturer's Guarantee
5 years
Dishwasher safe
5 years

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