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Le Creuset Cookware

£10.00 - £175.00


Le Creuset has been making premium quality cast iron since 1925 at their foundry in northern France. Each piece is hand crafted and made from the finest materials to give you long lasting durability.

Cast iron is an excellent heat retainer which means if keeps food warm at the table for longer and requires only low to medium heat sources.

Every piece is made from an individual sand mould which makes each piece unique. Suitable for all cooker and hob types including induction. Lifetime Guarantee. Made in France

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Le Creuset
Dishwasher safe
Oven Safe
Yes to 190°C
Heat Retaining Properties
Le Creuset Oval Casseroles

Le Creuset Oval Casseroles

£92.48 - £160.00

Product code : 81316305

Rated an average of 4.8125/5 48 Reviews

Colour :


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Le Creuset Rectangular Dish

Le Creuset Rectangular Dish

£14.96 - £45.00

Product code : 81314302

Rated an average of 4.9375/5 48 Reviews

  • 5 year guarantee included

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Le Creuset Round Casseroles

Le Creuset Round Casseroles

£78.00 - £175.00

Product code : 81314201

Rated an average of 4.9244/5 119 Reviews

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