Get in touch with old traditions and try your hand at making homemade orange marmalade - you’ll feel proud spreading it over warm toast for breakfast! This recipe makes 2.23kg of marmalade.



- 6-8 oranges
- 1 large lemon
- 1.4kg jam sugar
- 1.75L of cold water



1) Halve the oranges and lemon and squeeze the juice into a large heavy based pan with 1.75L of cold water.


2) Scrape out the orange halves into a muslin square along with any pips, pith and the lemon shells. Tie it into a bag with a long piece of string.


3) Finely slice the orange shells and add to the pan. Tie the muslin bag to the handle and drop it into the pan too. Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour 30 minutes.


4) Remove the bag, squeeze out any excess juice and pectin, and then discard. Remove the pan from the heat and add the warmed sugar. Stir until dissolved, and then return to the heat to boil for 10-15 minutes, or until setting point is reached.*


5) Stir and ladle into sterilised jars. Cover with discs of waxed paper (waxed side down), seal with metal lids and leave to set overnight. Refrigerate after opening.


*Setting point is reached once a jam or marmalade has been cooking for long enough to reach 104.5 degrees. Either test with a jam thermometer, or test by dropping a teaspoon of marmalade on a chilled plate, return the plate to the fridge for about 30 seconds. Remove the plate and run your finger through the middle of the marmalade. If it is ready it should clearly wrinkle as if it is beginning to set. If it is still smooth, return to the heat and boil for 3 further minutes, then test again.

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