Make Your Own Witch Decoration


This wicked witch is sure to add that spooky finishing touch to your Halloween party. Hang her from the ceiling or in a window to keep her out of reach of children.


  1. Take two brown pipe cleaners and twist them together at one end. Snip pipe cleaners in two, fold them in half and then twist all the pieces together to create the end of the broom.
  2. Use pipe cleaners to create the witch's body. She'll look like a stick man with long arms and no head! Use the full length of two pipe cleaners to create the arms, two pipe cleaners for the body and two for the legs, twisting these all together to secure.
  3. Place your pipe cleaner body on the broom and secure the top of her legs to the broom with a twisted pipe cleaner. Arrange the pipe cleaners until you are happy with the overall shape, bending the legs at the knee and ankle, and trim if required. Leave the hands free at this point.
  4. Cover the legs in purple wool, wrapping this around so no pipe cleaner is visible. Do this again with black wool to create striped tights.
  5. Create the shoes by folding the small pieces of felt in half. Cut two parellel curves and a square heel shape. Glue these around her feet to hide the ends of the pipe cleaners. Add sequins for buckles.
  6. Take one piece of black felt, snip a hole in the middle and thread the top of the witch's body through it to create a skirt. Secure this by winding black wool around her waist.
  7. Create a top with a piece of purple felt. Fold the piece in half along the top edge and cut a T-shirt shape, with long tapered sleeves. Use a darning needle to sew the bottom of the sleeves and the sides of the body. Cut a hole for the neckline. Thread and bend the pipe cleaners through the top. You can now secure her hands to the broom.
  8. Cover a polystyrene ball with green felt. By cutting a square larger than the ball, cutting slits inwards from each corner and then smoothing these inwards across the ball (securing with double sided tape) you will create an overlap that can be used for a nose. Trim the felt to neaten it and create the face you want. Make sure to leave a gap at the bottom of her head.
  9. Push the polystyrene ball onto the ends of the pipe cleaners which you have used to create her body. Trim these down beforehand if you need to. Add googly eyes.
  10. Cut a square of black felt and gather the top with a stitch that runs across the top edge. Tie on the cape with the ends of the wool.
  11. Cut short lengths of wool and tie these together. Stick them to the top of her head to create hair.
  12. Use black foam to create her hat. Cut a round brim by using a glass and a large spool of thread as templates. Trim the inner circle if you need to, ensuring this fits over her head. Cut a felt cone, secure with double sided tape and glue this to the brim. Accessorise with a felt band and a sequin trim.
  13. Hang up your witch as an eye-catching Halloween decoration.

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