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Sleep tight

The quality of your sleep affects the quality of your well-being. Invest in beautiful bedroom furniture, a quality mattress, the softest duvet covers and cosy cushions for a restful and restorative night.

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Top Sleep Tips

1  Finding a duvet to suit you is one of the most important steps to getting a great night's sleep. If you want to be warm and cosy without the weight of a traditional duvet, look for a super-lightweight duvet with a high 'fill power' or consider investing in an all seasons duvet for the ultimate in versatile sleeping.

2  A mattress topper will prolong the lift of your mattress and add a luxurious extra layer, providing additional comfort and support as well as a cosier feel to your bed. From the lofty heights of goose feather and down to the firm reassurance of memory foam, there is something to suit everyone.

3  It's worth taking time to find the type of pillow that will provide the correct balance of comfort and support you need as it is an integral part of a comfortable night's sleep. Whether you are a side, back or front sleeper, finding the right pillow is sure to help maintain great posture and good general wellbeing.

4  It’s natural for our bodies to continue losing moisture as we sleep. While some people sweat more than others during the night, it’s worth investing in certain mattress fillings to ensure good overall moisture management. Materials such as hemp, cotton, linen, wool and silk are great at wicking away moisture to create an excellent temperature and hygenic surface for sleeping

5  It’s not just about the bed itself, creating a restful environment for the whole room will help to improve your quality of sleep too. It’s an age-old truth that certain scents aid relaxation, so add home fragrance with notes of lavender, sage and chamomile to set the mood for a restorative slumber

Discover the science of sleep

"One of the biggest misconceptions about sleep is that we all need at least 8 hours a night," says expert Dr Neil Stanley, but emphasises that creating a routine that suits you is the key to quality sleep

Choose your bed and mattress

Did you know that most adults who share a
double bed have on average 9" less space than a child in a single bed? Invest in a larger bed if you can and consider a bespoke mattress that meets both your needs.

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Create a comfortable bed

As a rule, your body temperature has to drop by around 0.5 degrees to ensure a good night's sleep. Our duvet and pillow ranges are sure to offer you a year-round solution to sleepless nights

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Add the finishing touches

Ensure your bedroom is a space devoted to quality sleep with comfortable bedding and the cosiest accessories; adding luxurious cushions and throws is sure to create a sleep sanctuary

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