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Crisp, clean and always a winner, complete
the look with a classic


Richard James

Meet one of Savile Row's most recognised 'New Establishment' tailors, Richard James, as he talks us through his experience in the industry


Chester Barrie

Christopher Modoo, one of Chester Barrie's stylists shares his wisdom to give you an idea of what to look for when buying a suit

Mens Suits


Suits Buying Guide

Suit tailoring is a time-honoured practice and there are many traditional details and conventions to be aware of before you  buy your suit

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Mens Suits


One suit, 3 looks

We talk you through how to maximise the potential of your suit by giving you advice on how to create 3 seperate looks

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Boss Black
Chester Barrie
Richard James Mayfair
Daniel Hechter
Paul Costelloe
Ben Sherman