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Home automation

With the ability to control more devices, for example via a smartphone, it's becoming easier to run our homes more efficiently.

Home Automation includes devices that respond to meters and sensors or you can operate remotely - even by downloading an app.

Devices to help you

Online you'll find a handful of useful gadgets:

The 346 Belkin WeMo lets you control your home electricity via an app - useful if you're away.

The OWL monitors your electricity, so you know how much you're using.

The TreeGreen energyEGG is a clever device that can help you reduce your energy consumption and lets you wirelessly switch your appliances on or off.

If you live in the Bristol area there are a few other products that
can help you:

Smart heating controls: you can control and programme your heating and hot water from your smartphone, wherever you are. These devices know how long your home takes to warm up and cool down, so only heat it when needed. You can also set different temperatures for different times of the day. The OWL Intuition is one of the latest smart heating control devices that we can advise on and install.

An Immersun solar PV smart switching device helps you use more of the electricity you generate than would otherwise be exported to the grid; for example, by heating your hot water.

If you live in the Bristol area, why not talk to our Energy Efficiency advisor? They can provide advice and services that help you give your home a comfortable temperature, balanced with an understanding of the cost of doing this and the choices you can make.

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