FingerPrint Jewellery service

Fingerprint jewellery

Customised keepsake jewellery

The FingerPrint jewellery company can create a unique piece of solid silver jewellery for you with a finger, hand or footprint or a drawing as its centrepiece. It’s particularly popular for creating a keepsake from a child’s print, so it’s based in the Nursery department in our shops – though adult prints are certainly possible too.

Samples of the jewellery are on permanent display in our Nursery departments, where you can book an appointment to see the FingerPrint representative on their next visit to have prints taken and order your jewellery. 

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FingerPrint Jewellery service

You can book online for your FingerPrint jewellery appointment in these John Lewis shops: Bluewater, Brent Cross, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford Street, Peter Jones, Stratford City and Welwyn

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How the service works

Your appointment

Everyone’s print is of course different; it’s also worth remembering that as prints captured are almost actual size, the older the child, the better the result tends to be, as a single tiny fingerprint may be so small as to be virtually invisible in the jewellery. Children’s prints do develop at different stage, but for a baby or toddler, you may be best to choose Ten Tiny Toes instead of Fingerprints. The representative can advise at your appointment.

You’ll be allocated 15 minutes per person or child at your print-taking appointment. The putty or inkless wipes used for print-taking are medical quality and totally safe.

You’ll be asked to choose your jewellery type, and you’ll be able to personalise the jewellery with the relevant name up to a maximum number of characters depending on that type. Choose from charms, keyrings, pendants, cufflinks, necklaces, bookmarks and bracelets. Prices start at £25 for a Little Tag.

Your order

The silver used is solid sterling silver, and the silver chains are made in the UK and are 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals.

Once your order is taken, you pay for it in advance and receive a copy of the order. Keep your receipt safe, as you’ll need it to come and collect your jewellery in store. Your jewellery will despatched by Special Delivery within 4 weeks, and we’ll call you to collect it

If you can’t get to one of the shops listed, then you can also order online - you’ll be sent a kit to take your own prints which you then send off to FingerPrint.

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