Gift List service


Paraskevi Kassapis

Section Manager Gift List, John Lewis Oxford Street

Are you looking forward to something to celebrate where friends and family will want to shower you with gifts? Our free  Gift List service is the most popular in the country.  Most commonly used for weddings, but also available for anniversaries, christenings, bar mitzvahs and birthdays, the Gift List service enables your guests to buy you the gifts you'd like in-store, online or by phone, and allows you to focus on organising the rest of the celebration.

The perfect present

The service works by your setting up a list either online or one of our shops. If you opt to come in store, we'll explain the service to you and give you a hand-held scanner, so that you can work your way around the shop "zapping" the items you want added to your list. On your first visit, you're also eligible for complimentary tea or coffee and cake to fortify you through your shopping trip!

You'll have a choice of up to 350,000 products, and our Never Knowingly Undersold price commitment means you can be sure of best prices. In addition, you'll get guarantees of between 2 and 5 years on most electricals.

If you're a couple who've lived together for some time and have most of the household items you want, we can also offer your guests the chance to donate to your honeymoon or to a chosen charity. Once you've finalised your list, you'll be given inserts to place within invitations giving your guests details on how to select a gift from your list.

Your list can be managed online or in our shops, so you can add or delete items, and see who's bought which gift (get ahead on the thank-you cards!). Items are instantly removed from the list as they're purchased, so you won't end up with any duplicates.

All your gifts are stored for you, and free delivery of them all will take place on a day to suit you (often after the honeymoon).

Take a look at how the service works in this video.

Here are some of my top tips for compiling your wedding list:

1. Don't underestimate how generous friends and family can be! Guests like to have a good range of gifts to choose from, and we often find people have to make a second trip to add to their list.

2. Make a longer list than you think you'll need. You can always flag the items you really want as priorities, which is easier than having to go back to your list to add additional items. We'll print a summary that provides you with a price listing /number of gifts at this value.

3. Scanning your chosen gifts can take a little longer than you first might realise, so leave yourself plenty of time - our wealth of selection can be a bit mind-boggling!

4. Don't select all your gifts too far in advance of the big day - there's a risk that something may be discontinued or be out of stock when someone comes to buy it. 8 weeks is about right, and your guests can then start buying 6 weeks before the wedding.

5. If you'd like to place a larger gift on your list, such as a TV, this is also possible - or you can ask for gift vouchers which will then go towards a big purchase. You can place a pop-up message saying 'B & G would appreciate contributions towards a sofa...' Guests can always leave an amusing message like 'I bought the right leg'.

6. Select the option for early delivery for honeymoon items like beach towels, cameras or luggage.

7. Gift lists generally feature tableware, so remember to add extra table settings to allow for breakages. Check to make sure your favourite is dishwasher safe if that's a factor for you.

8. Towels are always a popular gift. Allow 2 towel sets per person, selecting from bath sheets to hand towels, and remember to add extras for guests. Also, don't forget to measure up! We carry a fantastic range of light fittings and rugs, but before you choose make sure they're going to fit your room.

9. If you're pushed for time to visit or even to view the selection online, or have left compiling a list to the last minute, the answer is to set up a gift voucher-only list. Pick up your vouchers after your celebration, and then shop 'til you drop!

10. Our gift list service also gives you the option to request contibutions towards a dream honeymoon with Kuoni, or donations to Cancer Research UK. Just ask us how.

11. John Lewis Wedding insurance can take care of your big day, covering venues, flowers and photographers for starters - get a quote here.

12. We also do personalised wedding stationery - your invitations, orders of service, menus, thank-you cards and so on - just ask in our Stationery department. You'll also find a wide range of blank stationery and accessories.