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Preparing for your baby’s arrival is a truly exciting time. You’ll probably find you have many questions over the coming months, but with endless choices and advice coming from all angles, it isn’t always easy to decide what’s best for you and your baby. That's where my John Lewis Nursery can help.

Selection of baby clothes on shelves

Register with us, let us know your due date, and along the way we’ll send you offers, tips, news about events, and expert advice for parents-to-be.

We’ll send you one of our helpful guides straight away. We hope you‘ll find it useful while you’re browsing through our Nursery catalogue, or exploring, so that you can start shopping for your baby and maternity essentials with confidence.

Guides and advice

For even more expert help, call your local John Lewis* and make an appointment for a free consultation with a Nursery Advisor. Find out more here about our Nursery Advice Service.

We’ve a helpful Nursery checklist here too, and you might also want to delve into our Baby & child buying guides for more advice.

Let us help you get ready for that very special moment.

*Available in all our shops including John Lewis High Wycombe from November 2013; not in our at Home stores except Newbury, Chichester and Ipswich.