Services at John Lewis Peterborough

There are many services available throughout our shops. Each service is designed to make your shopping experience special and personalised, while offering help and advice to ensure you choose the perfect product for you.

The services listed below are available in all our shops (with the exception of our at home stores). John Lewis Peterborough offers some additional services, which are also listed on this page.

Gift services

Gift services

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Gift list

Personalised stationery

We also offer a convenient gift wrap service for products purchased from our shop. Simply drop off your gifts and they will be beautifully wrapped while you finish your shopping.

Extra services

At John Lewis Peterborough we offer some additional services.


Buying wallpaper

We carry a wide selection of wallpaper styles.

The supplier can usually deliver your wallpaper within 4-5 working days or send you samples within a week.

Knitting advice

Knitting advice


Our Rowan Design Consultant is in our Haberdashery department most Thursdays and Saturdays.

She can help you with any projects or tips and she holds regular knitting workshops and courses.


For more information pop into the department, call 01733 344644.